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A example list of some common A-Calc taming calc admin commands for Ark: Survival Evolved. Please note that these commands may vary depending on the platform you're playing on (PC, Xbox, PlayStation). Here are some basic admin commands you can use:

  1. Enable Admin: If you're playing on a server, you may need to enable admin commands first. Open the console and type "enablecheats" followed by the server's admin password.

  2. God Mode: Grants invincibility to the player or target dinosaur. Use the command "god" to activate or deactivate god mode.

  3. Fly Mode: Allows the player or target dinosaur to fly. Use the command "fly" to enable or disable fly mode.

  4. Give Item: Gives the player or target dinosaur a specified item. Use the command "giveitemnum [item ID] [quantity] [quality] [blueprint]" to give items. Replace [item ID] with the ID of the item you want to give.

  5. Teleport: Teleports the player or target dinosaur to a specific location. Use the command "teleport [X] [Y] [Z]" to teleport. Replace [X], [Y], and [Z] with the coordinates of the destination.

  6. Spawn Creature: Spawns a creature at the player's or target location. Use the command "summon [creature ID]" to spawn a creature. Replace [creature ID] with the ID of the creature you want to spawn.

  7. Destroy Target: Destroys the targeted object, structure, or dinosaur. Use the command "destroytarget" to destroy the target.

  8. Set Time: Changes the in-game time. Use the command "settimeofday [hour] [minute]" to set the time. Replace [hour] and [minute] with the desired values.

  9. Force Tame: Instantly tames the targeted dinosaur or creature. Use the command "forcetame" to force tame the target.

  10. Give Engrams: Unlocks all engrams for the player. Use the command "giveengrams" to give all engrams.

These are just a few examples of A-Calc dinosaur admin commands in Ark: Survival Evolved. There are many more commands available, and their usage may vary depending on the platform and specific server settings.

A-Calc is a website that provides tools and calculators for the game Ark: Survival Evolved. It offers various features and resources to help players in their gameplay, including:

  1. Taming Calculator: This tool helps players calculate the necessary resources, time, and effectiveness required to tame specific creatures in the game. It provides information about the preferred food, taming effectiveness, and other useful details.

  2. Breeding Calculator: The breeding calculator assists players in determining the stats and attributes of offspring when breeding creatures. It considers the parents' stats, breeding effectiveness, and mutation chance to provide predictions on the offspring's potential attributes.

  3. Resource Calculator: This tool enables players to calculate the amount of resources required for crafting specific items, structures, or consumables in Ark: Survival Evolved. It helps in planning and managing resource gathering.

  4. Engram Calculator: The engram calculator assists players in determining the number of engram points required to unlock specific engrams. It provides a list of available engrams and helps players make informed choices about their character's progression.

  5. Stat Calculator: The stat calculator allows players to calculate and compare the stats of different creatures in the game. It helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of creatures and assists in breeding decisions.

A-Calc is a useful resource for Ark: Survival Evolved players, providing valuable information and tools to enhance their gameplay experience.