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A-Calc's Taming Calculator is a tool designed to assist players in the taming process in Ark: Survival Evolved | Ascended. It helps players determine the necessary resources, time, and effectiveness required to tame specific creatures in the game. Here are some key features and functionalities of A-Calc's Taming Calculator:

  1. Creature Selection: The Taming Calculator offers a comprehensive list of creatures available in Ark: Survival Evolved | Ascended. Players can select the desired creature they wish to tame from the provided list.

  2. Taming Details: Once a creature is selected, the Taming Calculator provides detailed information about the creature's taming process. This includes the preferred food, taming effectiveness, time required, and torpor depletion rate.

  3. Food and Quantity Calculation: The calculator helps players determine the type and quantity of food required to tame the chosen creature. It considers the creature's preferred food and the player's preferred taming method (passive or aggressive). It also provides information on the effectiveness of different food types and their impact on taming speed.

  4. Torpor Depletion Tracking: The Taming Calculator tracks the torpor depletion of the creature during the taming process. It provides an estimate of the torpor value over time, allowing players to monitor and adjust their taming strategy accordingly.

  5. Custom Settings: A-Calc's Taming Calculator allows players to customize certain settings based on their specific gameplay circumstances. This includes adjusting the taming multiplier, server settings, and other variables to ensure accurate calculations for their specific game environment.

  6. Mobile App Integration: A-Calc offers a mobile app version of their Taming Calculator, allowing players to access the tool conveniently on their mobile devices while playing the game.

By utilizing A-Calc's Taming Calculator, players can plan their taming process more effectively, calculate the required resources accurately, and optimize their taming strategies based on the creature's preferences and behavior.